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This is my website to showcase my many photographs of my Cacti and the Manchester Branch Shows that I attend.  There are also galleries of many other topics too.

You can see a few of the flowers from my own plants - see My Cacti Gallery.  There are over 600 pictures across 29 genera.

There are photos from the BCSS Manchester Branch Mini Shows (Cactus and Succulent), there are also photos from the North West Mesemb Shows. 

If you like wildlife then there is a small selection of animals, birds and some creepy crawlies under  Wildlife. 

Under Photos Galleries there are pictures of some trains at the Ribble Rail Museum, my nephew's sunflower and pictures from my Grandad's Garden and other slides he took.

The photos below are just a small selection of what there is to see in the galleries above.  


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Please use the buttons below to access the full galleries.  Thank you.

 photo neochilenia_dimorpha2010_001amygallery.jpg  photo P1020224_Astrophytum_myriostigmaCACTUSSHOW_1.jpg  photo P1250305succulentshow_1.jpg  photo negs032branchshows_1.jpg  photo 017-P1400347NWMS_1.jpg

Samples of the pictures in the galleries.

Recent North West Mesemb Shows (show open to all / not my plants)
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A few of my own plants in flower
 photo acanthocalycium_glaucum2013_001.jpg  photo escobaria_laredoi_L7402015_001a.jpg  photo gymnocalycium_bayrianum_GN69-1692014_001a.jpg  photo gymnocalycium_ferrarii2013_001a.jpg  photo gymnocalycium_horstii_FR4372012_001a.jpg
 photo gymnocalycium_lukasikii_JPR100-2372014_001a.jpg  photo gymnocalycium_quehlianum_albispinumflower4a.jpg  photo gymnocalycium_ritterianum_WR1262011_001.jpg  photo lobivia_maximilliana_v_miniatiflora2015_001a.jpg  photo neochilenia_dimorpha2013_001a.jpg
 photo notocactus_roseoluteus2014_001b.jpg  photo notocactus_submammulosus2013_001a.jpg  photo copiapoa_paposoensis2015_001a.jpg  photo frailea_castanea2013_001e.jpg  photo gymnocalycium brachypetalum P1012015_001a.jpg

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Special Thanks to:

Peter for organising the shows and for the members past, present and future who bring the plants to show.

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Ginger 1999 - 2012       &       Snowie 1988 - 1998


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